Make Sure Your Home Is Insulated From the Top Down

Team up with us when you need attic insulation installation services in Superior, WI

Your attic needs quality insulation to keep moisture out and keep your home energy-efficient. If you need a long-term replacement for your old attic insulation, turn to PACE Residential. We provide high-quality attic insulation removal and installation services to homeowners throughout Superior, WI.

We use a combination of closed cell spray foam and fiberglass for our attic insulation installations. This combo will seal your attic, protect pipes from freezing in the winter and keep moisture out. To learn more, reach out to us today.

Trust our process

Trust our process

When you team up with us for attic insulation removal and installation, we will:

  • Remove all the old insulation
  • Build a David Lewis hatch cover for your attic access
  • Install baffles, light covers and chimney wraps, if needed
  • Install one inch of closed cell spray foam to create an air seal and vapor barrier
  • Blow in cellulose or fiberglass insulation until the space reaches the proper R-value
Whether your attic space is accessible or not, we can handle the installation of your insulation. For a free estimate on our attic insulation installation services, contact us today.